About Us

Nic Woods has always shown mechanical interests.  Before the age of 10, Nic was already disassembling and reaseembling lawn mower engines and showed a strong curiousity as to how it worked from the inside out.


Nic's family having a respected business (Clay Smith Cams) in the high performance parts and engine industry, as well as heavy involvment in drag racing, noticed his talent.  Clay Smith Cams supported his interest and growth with different mechanical tasks throughout his childhood.


Grandparents, George Striegel and Patty Striegel purchased Nic's first Jr. Dragster, a Swindell Chassis from Larry Minor, Top Fuel Driver and racing enthusist. Nic was very successful in racing Jr. Dragsters  and by the time he aged out he was building his own motors and working on his clutch combinations. 


Once he graduated from racing Jr. Dragsters he decided to keep his race cars and have a couple of young "up and coming" racers drive them. Numerous Jr. Dragster families supported his efforts and believed it would be an unforgetable experience. Nic began his career as the owner/crew chief for two Jr. Dragster Wicked 330 race cars.  During those years of racing he and his drivers had great success.  His drivers won many races, became Champions, and set records.  Nic is excited about expanding this wonderful hobby into this new business, "Nic Woods Racing." Nic Woods Racing is where you will be able to purchase quality parts, receive consultations, set up appointments for Dyno pulls, or request any of the other services offerd on this website.  



Nic Woods

Phone: 714 5230530

Email: nicwoods6@yahoo.com